Just a little more on leadership and the idea of confirmation bias

Just a little more on leadership and the idea of confirmation bias

Have you ever gone through a situation where all attempts to convince another person that something did not happen the way they think it did? It’s tough, I bet you know that and there is no amount of conversation that would make the other person at the end of the table see the truth that is right there. This whole kind of situation recently sent me searching for answers.I came across an interesting idea on confirmation bias; This is when as a person you look for information that confirms what you already think you know or believe, information that confirms rather than looking for information that contradicts. You keep looking for words and actions from the party that confirm what you think constantly, other than paying attention to what it might not be.

Leadership is tough and keeping an open mind and staying away from any kind of biases is very important and something we should strive to do.Here is an interesting article titled : The Hidden Traps in Decision Making: https://lnkd.in/dyg5Vdd

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